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  Zeolite is a mineral. It is found in the fossils of freshwater diatoms, fishes, insects and plants, showing that it represents the freshwater environment. It contains alkali earth metals such as zeolite alkali metal & calcium that are mainly exposed in the stratum of Tertiary period after the Jurassic period. It is also called ‘the boiling stone,’ since it is a hydrous silicate mineral with aluminum properties, holding water as a crystallized form.
  - Molecular Sives
- Extreme absorptive properties
- Catalyzing reaction
- Cation exchanging capacity (CEC)
- Contains a lot of valid phosphoric acid
   & silicic acid
_ Soil improving agent, mixed with fertilizers,
   enhances agricultural medicine, etc
_ removes stench, feeds additive, cures diarrhea, robust agent
_ Removes stench from wastewater, absorber, catalyst,
   anti-moist agent
Managing greens
_ Grassy landscapes, gold courses, etc
_ Anti-polluting agent for oceans,
   Prevents red tide, feeds for fish culturing, etc
Industrial crops
_ Ginseng, tobacco, horticulture, etc